Day 7: Coffee

My Happiness Project. Day 7. My morning didn’t start terribly happy. In true spoiled, first-world fashion, I groaned with annoyance this morning when I realized that my coffee canister was empty and  I would have to drag my kids and myself to the grocery store first thing. The irony of how ridiculous that is isn’t lost on me, especially considering […]

Day 6: Lists

My Happiness Project. Day 6. One of my favorite self-awarded “gold stars” is crossing items off of to-do lists. I sometimes add items to my lists that don’t need written down, like “load the dishwasher,” just for the delight of crossing it off and lengthening my list of accomplishments for the day. It’s my own little […]

Day 5: Fonts

My Happiness Project. Day 5. Fonts, fonts, fonts! I love fonts! Typography is such an amazing form of art. There is something extraordinary about taking beautiful written language and making it also visually beautiful . No matter the written words, the right font can set the tone: lighthearted, fun, whimsical, gloomy, dark, serious, formal. So […]

Day 4: First Tomato

  My Happiness Project. Day 4. This little guy makes a surprising appearance in My Happiness Project, particularly because I loath tomatoes. They are my food nemesis. They’re everywhere, and though I’ve tried repeatedly over the years, I just can’t manage to like them. This particular tomato, however, is quite special. My 7-year-old son picked […]

Day 2: My Kids’ Art

My Happiness Project. Day  2. In my happy little sewing room, one long stretch of wall is a designated exhibit of my children’s art. Their colorful masterpieces are proudly displayed, beaming with cheer and innocence for all to enjoy. I hope my little artists always feel proud of their work and inspired to keep creating, […]

Day 1: Sewing

  My Happiness Project. Day 1. There are so many things I like about sewing. It is incredibly fulfilling to take a mixture of supplies and create something completely new out of them. Coordinating colors and fabrics is a chance to be creative. Cutting and sewing is a practice in precision and skill. My sewing […]

My Happiness Project

  Tomorrow begins a new, fun personal venture entitled: My Happiness Project. For 30 days, I plan to create a daily photograph or piece of digital art inspired by, and celebrating, little things that make me happier. I am excited to create, celebrate, savor, and share the little pieces of my world that bring brightness […]

Hello world!

This blog was largely inspired by one of my favorite authors, Gretchen Rubin, who studies happiness and good habits, as well as Benjamin Franklin’s Club of Mutual Improvement. My goals and lofty hopes for this project include: Personal accounts of my happiness adventure: successes, failures, lessons learned. Musings on all things beautiful: moments, life, art, words. Photography work that isn’t work: […]