Just Call Me Detective Lindsey: Part 1

Just Call Me Detective Lindsey: Part 1.

Do you have any mysteries that you wonder about on a fairly consistent basis but never take any steps to solve? My husband and I have had one such mystery… until I solved it.

A year or two ago, construction began on some new apartment buildings on a road we periodically use. Out in front of the apartment buildings, on the side of the hill and directly in front of the road, is this big stone wall/enclosure/thing.

Exhibit A:




Every time we passed this structure, my family and I would speculate what its purpose might be. It was usually my husband who would wonder about it out loud, and the rest of us would offer up our best guesses. It has a ladder going down one side, so early on, I guessed that maybe they were going to turn it into a swimming pool. Once it was clear that this hypothesis was wrong, my husband and I guessed that maybe it housed some sort of utilities or pipes feeding the apartment buildings. Our 4 year old son decided it was either where a 2-headed wolf or a bunch of snakes lived. We needed answers, people. 

Exhibit B:





The mystery of the cement walls eventually became a thing in our family. We joked about it whenever we drove by, and I always laughed that one day I was going to investigate and find out the answer as a gift to my husband.

A couple of weeks ago, I was spending the afternoon with my sister and we were trying to come up with something fun to do with our kids. After we threw out a couple of half-hearted suggestions, I said, “Want to drive to Kentucky and help me solve a mystery as a surprise for Clayton?” I filled her in on “the thing” and 10 minutes later we had our 3 kids in the backseat and were headed on an adventure.

After a year or two of wondering, we were finally going to get an answer.

To be continued…



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