Just Call Me Detective Lindsey: Part 2.

Just Call Me Detective Lindsey: Part 2.

Picking up where my story left off, my sister and I were headed to Kentucky to investigate and solve the mystery of the thing. My sister stayed in the car with the kiddos and I jumped out, camera in hand, and ran up the hill. I snapped a couple of quick photos as I learned the secret of the concrete thing.

Here is what I saw:





A drain and water reservoir. There you have it, and just like that, the mystery was solved.

Being on the side of a steep hill, the drain makes perfect sense. I felt kind of daft for not thinking of it myself. And though I hadn’t expected it to be anything remotely exciting, learning the answer left me feeling almost immediately disappointed. The same disappointment I’m guessing you are feeling now. All that for a stupid drain? Yup.

I suppose the obvious lesson here is that sometimes the mystery is best left unsolved. It was the mystery that made the thing fun. The other lesson, is that the fun is often in the journey, and not the destination. The mystery was fun and the adventure to solve it was fun, but the destination didn’t live up to the hype. Now, instead of laughing and making ridiculous guesses when we drive by the thing, we scoff, “there’s the stupid drain” as we melodramatically roll our eyes.

Solve your mysteries with care, my friends, and always revel in the journey.


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