5 Reasons Bearded Dragons Are Awesome Pets

My family recently welcomed a new pet… yes ANOTHER one… :p Nearly 3 weeks ago, my husband and 2 boys were thrilled to finally convince me to let them get a reptile. After much research, we decided on a bearded dragon. Blogosphere, meet Hebe:



Since bringing Hebe home, I have learned a TON about bearded dragons. I was very skeptical at first, particularly about feeding our new pet crickets (gross!), but Hebe has completely won me over. So, let me share my wealth of newly acquired dragon knowledge with you.


5 Reasons Why Bearded Dragons are Awesome Pets:

  1. They have an excellent temperament. Bearded Dragons are among the most docile and friendly reptiles to have as pets. They don’t mind being handled and are not as fast moving as some smaller lizards. They rarely bite (unless deserved), and are pretty easy going overall.IMG_20150901_180816
  2. They only poop like once a day. If you have ever cared for a pet like a rabbit, hamster or guinea pig, you will totally appreciate how little poop there is remove. One little scoop a day and the tank remains relatively clean and odorless. Granted, you should clean the whole thing out on a regular basis to be sanitary, but I love how easy it is as far as daily upkeep.IMG_20150824_143750
  3. You get to give them baths! I say “get to” because is there anything cuter than watching a bearded dragon scurry around in the tub? No, my friend, there isn’t. Weekly baths are good for bearded dragons for both hygiene and keeping their skin hydrated. Baths can also help with shedding their skin, constipation and fecal impaction.IMG_20150830_165455
  4. They are fascinating and interactive. We often pull up chairs in front of the tank to watch her eat or move about, and she also watches us when she sees we’re there. When bearded dragons are nice and warm in their basking spot, they open their mouths to help regulate their body temperature. This is one of my favorite sights, along with her sleeping on the bridge my husband made her.IMG_20150828_210226IMG_20150830_082520
  5.  You can pimp out their habitats. Like the aforementioned bridge, we, especially me, have had a lot of fun setting up and accessorizing Hebe’s tank. I sewed her a hammock, covered the back of the tank in brightly colored paper, and used my Cricut to put her name (and personal slogan that my 7 year old came up with) on the front of her tank. She is loved.

IMG_20150825_082748 IMG_20150827_210602


Note: Despite all this awesomeness, just like any pet, the decision to get a bearded dragon should not be taken lightly. They require a temperature controlled environment, start up and care can be expensive, and they can grow to 24 inches long. Please do your research before making a commitment to any new pet. 




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