Rambling and Reveries: Wednesday Edition

This afternoon, I opened up a checking account for my graphic design slush-fund money. I feel like a grown up, or a stepford wife. I can’t decide which.

Does anyone else ever feel too anxious or emotionally exhausted for tv? Instead of the usual nightly Netflix with my husband after our kids go to bed, I just want to curl up in bed with a book or my laptop. My husband thinks I’m crazy. That might be the case.

I wish I could meet people and speed up the “get to know you” process by cutting out a lot of the small talk. We could get straight to the important things, like if you like puns, books, coffee, and still feel like an awkward 12 year old on the inside, we should be best friends.

My son’s first field trip is tomorrow and I signed up to chaperone. Suddenly I feel like a 12 year old before the first day at a new school. Should I wear my “Team 2nd Grade T-shirt or will the other parents think that is dorky? Am I supposed to pack a lunch? Is it weird if I bring a lunchable as a grownup? I wonder if it will be weird if I take photos? What if no one talks to me? Am I just going to stand around all day? Why did I sign up for this?” I am a special kind of awkward.

My photo of the day:

Just a little plant life from my garden. I like this shot a lot considering it was from my cell phone.

Happy Wednesday, kids!

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