Hello. It’s me again.

It’s  been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve written. So much so, that I was fairly certain it was too late to try this again. My self-talk said, “You failed at this whole blogging thing AGAIN. You dare not show your face in the blogosphere, and hopefully people will forget you ever tried in the […]

Rambling and Reveries: Wednesday Edition

This afternoon, I opened up a checking account for my graphic design slush-fund money. I feel like a grown up, or a stepford wife. I can’t decide which. Does anyone else ever feel too anxious or emotionally exhausted for tv? Instead of the usual nightly Netflix with my husband after our kids go to bed, […]

Be Kind.

After my last post about my struggle with depression, I had several friends reach out to me and share their own stories of depression and mental illness. In most cases, I had no idea that they suffered from the same haunting demons of depression as I do. In several situations, I was pretty surprised to find out they struggled […]

Do you have a “hat rack” relationship?

What it means: Recently, I’ve had a slight epiphany. I have been placing “too many hats” on a few people in my life that are closest to me. What I mean by “too many hats,” is that I am guilty of expecting certain people to fill many different relationship needs, some of which aren’t entirely applicable or appropriate for that […]