Just Call Me Detective Lindsey: Part 2.

Just Call Me Detective Lindsey: Part 2. Picking up where my story left off, my sister and I were headed to Kentucky to investigate and solve the mystery of the thing. My sister stayed in the car with the kiddos and I jumped out, camera in hand, and ran up the hill. I snapped a couple of […]

Just Call Me Detective Lindsey: Part 1

Just Call Me Detective Lindsey: Part 1. Do you have any mysteries that you wonder about on a fairly consistent basis but never take any steps to solve? My husband and I have had one such mystery… until I solved it. A year or two ago, construction began on some new apartment buildings on a road […]

Day 12: The Library

My Happiness Project. Day 12. Going to the library makes me feel rich. I like to imagine that this experience must be akin to shopping for the uber rich. The feeling that I can pick nearly any book I please and take it home, even if only on loan, thrills me. Author Libba Bray said it so eloquently, “The […]

Day 11: Sunshine

My Happiness Project. Day 11. Because I know firsthand what it means to be Vitamin D Deficient and also struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), I am particularly cognizant and appreciative of the sun’s bright and glorious presence. Spending adequate time in the sun is an integral part of my health and well being. Aside from it’s remarkable health […]

Day 10: Rainbow Colors

My Happiness Project. Day 10. I’ve been brainstorming what I might photograph to model rainbow colors since I began this project. Much to my delight, the entrance to Cincinnati’s Contemporary Art Center over the weekend delivered immediate inspiration. (And if you’re ever in Cincinnati, I highly recommend checking out the CAC – it’s one of my favorite […]