Just Call Me Detective Lindsey: Part 2.

Just Call Me Detective Lindsey: Part 2. Picking up where my story left off, my sister and I were headed to Kentucky to investigate and solve the mystery of the thing. My sister stayed in the car with the kiddos and I jumped out, camera in hand, and ran up the hill. I snapped a couple of […]

Day 18: Catitude

  My Happiness Project. Day 18. Just like the rest of the internet, cats and their catitude rate pretty high on my list of things that are awesome. We have 2 cats, Cora (pictured above) and Mila (pictured below). Typically, they stare at me with glowing eyes full of hate, like they’re planning my ultimate demise. This week, […]

Just Call Me Detective Lindsey: Part 1

Just Call Me Detective Lindsey: Part 1. Do you have any mysteries that you wonder about on a fairly consistent basis but never take any steps to solve? My husband and I have had one such mystery… until I solved it. A year or two ago, construction began on some new apartment buildings on a road […]

Day 17: Running Water

My Happiness Project. Day 17. Running water might seem like a strange addition to my list, but there are a multitude of reasons for this appreciation. First and foremost, having clean water piped straight into our faucets to drink, cook, and clean with is an obvious win. We are an extremely fortunate generation, living in […]

Day 16: My Blender

My Happiness Project. Day 16. About a month ago, my husband decided we needed a nice blender. Being the maximizer that he is, he spent several hours one morning doing his homework before he decided on a Blendtec Classic. In full disclosure, I wasn’t entirely convinced. After all, we have already failed at becoming avid […]

Day 15: Animal Rescue

  Just over a year ago, I started volunteering for a Cincinnati-based animal rescue called the Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP). Working with SAAP has increased my knowledge about dogs and animal rescue ten fold, as well as given me the opportunity to make a myriad of new friends and connections. I’ve fostered 28 dogs over the past […]

Day 14: Renovations

  My Happiness Project. Day 14. I suppose day 14 should really specify that I mean completed renovations, as the process itself was rather stressful. About a month or two back, we finished fairly major renovations to our home, and it still thrills me to look at the before and after photos and revel in the transformation. My […]

Day 13: Office Supplies

My Happiness Project. Day 13. Shopping for any kind of office supplies brings back happy memories of school supply shopping as a kid. One of my favorite things about a new school year was picking out all the necessary and sometimes not-so-necessary, *ahem* Lisa Frank, supplies. Once purchased, I would take all my treasures home […]

Day 12: The Library

My Happiness Project. Day 12. Going to the library makes me feel rich. I like to imagine that this experience must be akin to shopping for the uber rich. The feeling that I can pick nearly any book I please and take it home, even if only on loan, thrills me. Author Libba Bray said it so eloquently, “The […]

Do you have a “hat rack” relationship?

What it means: Recently, I’ve had a slight epiphany. I have been placing “too many hats” on a few people in my life that are closest to me. What I mean by “too many hats,” is that I am guilty of expecting certain people to fill many different relationship needs, some of which aren’t entirely applicable or appropriate for that […]